Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trumpet Angel Ornament

Have you seen all the NEW ornaments that were released at CHA?  They are awesome.  Each ornament comes with two globes and 3 rings.  I kept the ornament simple by embossing the angel and the ring, but there are so many other things you can do. 

This Trumpet Angel Ornament was covered with Temple Stone Powder and heat set 3 times.  The outer rings were covered with Gilded Rose Powder and also heat set 3 times.    A brown ribbon finishes the top and is perfect for hanging on your tree or anywhere in your home.

I added a sprig of red leaves for some splash of color around one side of the globe.  It added just the right touch of color to set off the copper tones in the globeframe.

Don't forget to check back often and see what the team has been creating with these ornaments! What would you do with this angel ornament to make it shine?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorate Your Cupcake!

Hey all!  Ryann here with some ways to snazzy up the Bubble Frame Kits.  I recently received the Cupcake Bubble Frame Kit and thought it was really cute!  How fun would it be to use as place cards at a birthday party labeling out the different goodies on the treat table!  So fun!!

For my project today, I assembled the Cupcake Bubble Frame Kit as directed, except for the frosting bits.  Instead of placing a picture in the the frame, I opted for a Happy Birthday sentiment instead.  It was easy to stamp the sentiment and then place into the frame.  After I had assembled the Cupcake Bubble Frame Kit I decorated it!

I started by painting the frosting a light pink using acrylic paint.  It took two coats to get good coverage.  After the paint was dry, I popped up the frosting pieces using the dimensional adhesive provided in the Cupcake Bubble Frame Kit.  You can see from my picture above the dimension in this project!  

Once the frosting was assembled and adhered down, I applied a thin layer of Glastique for some added shine.  And then once the Glastique was dry I generously applied some bling!!

I love the way this turned out!  It would be a great addition to any birthday party table you create!  I plan on using my dazzling cupcake as a tag for a birthday present.  How fun would that be?!!

Thanks for joining me today!  I hope this project has inspired you to get out your Bubble Frame Kits and have some fun!  :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nativity Ornament

Globecraft Memories has some amazing ornaments available on our website now!  They are a perfect addition to their other line of globe products.  A bubble is attached to both sides of the frame so you have a wonderful 3 dimentional ornament.

The ornament layers were covered with 3 layers of Enchanted Aubergine, heat setting between each layer.  The nativity was covered with 2 layers of Mermaid Tears and then I placed several layers of Glastique on top.

I used Vintage Holiday Flourishes Card Decor for the tiny elements along the bottom of the globe.  These Flourishes truly dress up the ornament.  I added Mermaid Tears and then Gilded Rose powders to the Flourishes. A layer of Glastique was placed on top for a little more dimension.

An elegant ribbon was added to the top.  And you are now ready to hang in the tree.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Decor Shelf

What do you get when you mix Piccolo magic with a wood shelf?  Why, an absolutely gorgeous piece of home decor!!!!  Globecraft Memories powders are truly remarkable and can cover larger items such as this shelf as easily as it covers smaller items.

I have had this FAMILY shelf in my "stash" for a very long time.  It has been waiting for just the perfect products to create something truly remarkable!  Globecraft Memories to the rescue!!

I inked the edges of the sign with Enamel Powder Adhesive, then added  Brown Stone Powder.  I love the look of  the brown and white powders together.  I also added a touch of Enchanted Aubergine along the edges - not too much, just a little to show the colors together.

I inked up the individual FAMILY letters with Enchanted Aubergine.  Since I wanted a thicker look to the colors, I heat set it several times between the Enchanted Aubergine layers.  In areas where I was having trouble using the Adhesive bottle, I used a small paint brush and painted the adhesive.  It worked great and allowed me to get into those tiny areas.  I then added a touch of Brown Stone on each letter - just enough to let the color show.

This is the final look at this home decor item.  It is absolutely stunning and the perfect shelf to hold family mementos.

GCM Supplies:
Enchanted Aubergine
Brown Stone

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snowman on a Sunny Day

Warm outside? With this recent heat wave we've been looking for ways to cool off around the office and Christmas in July is just the ticket! 

Our new Snowman ornament is super adorable and ready to alter and customize! Flocking was used on the snowman, the scarf, and the hat while acrylic paint was used on
the rest of the elements. The chipboard elements were coated liberally with Glastique and then allowed to dry - the Glastique seals the elements and protects them from wear and tear. As a result, this ornament will last for years and years as a keepsake!

Designer Tip from Pat: If you use flocking on this ornament, make sure to shake off ALL excess flocking because otherwise any that falls off will stick to the inside of the clear bubble.

Wouldn't this ornament be cute on a gift or as a hostess gift in its own right? Cool off with a little crafting and get a head start on those holiday projects with our new ornaments.

Check out our new website, Piccolo Decor, for all your Globecraft Memories supplies: http://www.piccolodecor.com/default.asp

Who would you create this ornament for?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Girls Night Out is so much fun!

Good morning, Steph here. I thought I'd experiment with Girls Night Out and Glastique on some jewelry items.

I used the Flower Drop Charm Set, adding at least 6 layers of Glastique to the charms, allowing time to dry between each coating.  I found that the lighter you placed the Glastique, the faster each layer dried. 

I crocheted the necklace with fine wire and added the beads while I crocheted.  The focal point of the necklace remains the large teardrop charm which I also crocheted on the wire.

Thanks for stopping by today and continue to come back for some more inspiration from the team.

  • Flower Drop Charm Set
  • Girls Night Out
  • Glastique

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let the love show through

Globecraft Memories recently released a smaller size globe and frame system for ornaments. I am having so much fun with these! I have all sorts of ideas floating around in my head - just trying to find the time to play some more.

This is a little Christmas-themed ornament I created that was on display with an entire tree full of beautiful ornaments made by the design team at CHA recently. Everyone loved them!

To create this ornament:

Paint a fairly thick layer of Glastique (Globecraft Memories) on the inside of the back bubble and sprinkle with Art Glitter Dazzlers Confection D29; tap out access and let dry.

Cut out your favorite clip art (Crafty Secrets) and add bits of Art Glitters here and there for dimension and color.

Dry emboss the two outer chipboard rings with an embossing folder. Paint the inner ring and top sides of the two outer rings with Pearl Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber (Ranger) making sure to paint inner and outer edges as well; set aside and let dry.

When dry, paint on a fairly thick coat of Glastique, and very lightly sprinkle on Pure Sprinkle Silver Glitter (Globecraft Memories) to both halves. Then coat both halves with a thick coat of Glastique (straight from the bottle) and let dry overnight.

Begin to decorate inside the bubble by adding drops of Designer Dries Clear (DDC from Art Glitter) glue and press in pieces of moss; let dry. Trim the clip art down if necessary to fit inside the bubble. Add DDC glue to the back of the clip art and press lightly to adhere it to the moss. Trim a Christmas phrase (printed on the computer); add a very thin line of DDC to the edges of the phrase and dip into Winter White Microfine Transparent Art Glitter; repeat to coat bottom and both ends. I like to roll the phrase around the glue bottle once the glitter has dried, to create a slight bend; add DDC to both ends and press into place inside bubble (should be slightly curved).

The next day when the Glastique is cured: add a thin line of DDC to the flat rim of the filled bubble half; set the inner painted ring on top, making sure both pieces line up. Add a thin line of DDC to the top bubble rim and set atop the ring, making sure all pieces line up; clip with binder clips or clothespins for a few minutes till glue is set.

Remove the clips after a few minutes. Add DDC close to the inner and outer edges of the bottom of Glastiqued frame; add to one side and line up. Repeat to other side; clip all pieces together, making sure they all line up. Remove after a few minutes.

Pierce a hole in the bottom of frame, add jump rings and charm or crystal and add a beaded hangar to the top and tie with pretty ribbon.

The possibilities for decking out these little globe ornaments are endless - have fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Somedays You Need Courage

Good morning Globecraft friends, 

Pinky here today with a fun little project. 
I am SURE we all know someone who needs "courage" 
I know some days I need a little lift, so why not make a sweet
pin to remind your friends that you have their back?!

I have a full tutorial for making this pin step by step.
Step 1. Using craft adhesive, and Keys To My Heart embellishments
 coat heart thoroughly, using a pin removes excess glue from intricate cuts.
 Step 2. Apply foil as directed on photo. Clearsnap designer foils were used here. 
 There will be a little bit missed and that is what we are looking for. 
 Step 3. Using black ink tap onto heart gently. Not completely coating
just adding tarnish. 
 Step 4. Using liquid pearl pen in bronze color, carefully dab
tiny pearls around edges of heart. 
 Step 5. Set aside to dry for 30-45 minutes. 
Step 6. Lay down wax paper-coat generously with Glastique.
Or apply several thin coats. 
Step 7. Set aside for 4-6 hours to dry completely until clear.
 Step 8. Trim acrylic piece down to 2X2"- Clear Scraps acrylic sheet used here. 
 Step 9. Remove protective film on both sides, drip with alcohol inks. 
 Step 10. After alcohol inks dry, using StazOn ink, stamp word
courage onto bottom of acrylic,  stamp 3-4 times 
because of the alcohol ink. (Pink By Design stamp shown here).
Step 11. Turn acrylic piece over-using StazOn ink dab onto edges
and onto acrylic itself. It adds age. 
 Step 12. Flip piece over to front. Adhere heart to acrylic. 
 Step 13. Coat entire project with Glastique- set aside for 24 hours to dry. 
Careful in crevices, do not fill completely. 
Step 14. Using metal pin coat with same alcohol ink. 
 Step 15. Adhere pin to back of acrylic behind heart. 
I hope you are inspired to play with these amazing Piccolo pieces. 
Have a wonderfully crafty day~

Products Used:
Clearsnap Designer Foils
Pink By Design Stamps
Beacon Zip Dry Adhesive
Viva Decor Pearl Pen
Clear Scraps 12X12 acrylic sheet

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vintage Bronzed Baby Shoe

Hello, Charlotte here and I want to share my altered baby shoe using Piccolo Enamel  Powders and Piccolo Charms. I have been wanting to alter a baby shoe for a longtime, but I just needed to find the right shoes and the right products.  I came across this pair of baby shoes in a local thrift store.  I knew immediately the combination of the Piccolo Enamel Powders and these shoes would be make the perfect bronzed altered baby shoe.   

GlobeCraftMemories Products
Piccolo Copper Kettle Enamel Powder
Piccolo Enchaned Aubergine Enamel Powder
Piccolo Gilded Rose Enamel Powder
Piccolo Mermaid Tears Enamel Powder
Piccolo Vintage Copper Metallic Powder
Piccolo Mossy Glen Enamel Powder
Piccolo Beautiful Horses Charm
Piccolo Heart Charm
Piccolo Enamel Powder Adhesive
Other Products
Creative Vintage Brad Charms
Tim Holtz Salvage Stickers
Close to My Heart Chocolate Distressing Ink Pad
ColorBox  Venetian Lace Graphics 45 Decades Ink Pad
Colorbox Leather Mix'd Media Inx
Bo Bunny Trinkets
Kaisercraft Paper Roses
  •  Spray paint a child's shoe with flat black enamel spray paint.

  • Apply a coat of the Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive to the front section of the shoe.  
  • Immediately after applying the adhesive, sprinkle Piccolo Copper Kettle Enamel Powder over the embossing adhesive on the shoe.  Using a heat gun, emboss the shoe.

  • After you have embossed the shoe, the shoe will look like a beautiful bronzed baby shoe. The Piccolo Copper Kettle is so stunning, I just wanted to leave the shoe alone but decided to continue to alter the shoe.

  • Distress a piece of ribbon by running an ink pad over the ribbon.  Using hot glue, adhere the ribbon the front of the shoe. Glue several paper blooms to the front of the shoe.

  •               Use a safety pin to attach a metal charm to the shoe strap.  

  • Apply a coat of the Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive to the front and back of the Piccolo Beautiful Horses Charm.  
  • Immediately after applying the adhesive, sprinkle Piccolo Enchanted Aubergine Enamel Powder over the entire surface of the charm. If you are using a tidy tray, gently tap the corner of the charm on the tray to remove all the excess embossing powder. 
  • Tap off excess enamel powder and melt powder with heat gun. 
  • After the Piccolo Enchanted Aubergine Enamel Powder has cooled, glue a photo to the charm.
  • Apply a heavy coat of Glastique to the charm, covering the entire photo.  Set the charm aside and allow the charm to dry for 24 hours.

Gently remove the Piccolo Heart Charm using tweezers, needle or toothpick.  After you have removed the filigree Heart Charm, coat the heart using  Piccolo Mossy Glen Enamel Powder. Tap off excess enamel powder. Use tweezers to keep the pieces in place and melt the powder with a heat gun. 
  • Using hot glue, attach a piece of ink distressed ribbon to both sides of the outer counter of the shoe. 
  • Glue a vintage brad to the glued ends of the ribbon on the shoe.  
  • String a piece of the ink distressed ribbon through the charm's hole and tie a bow. Glue the charm to the shoe's inner edge.
  • Adhere the embossed Filigree Piccolo Heart Charm inside the shoe with hot glue.
  • Fill the shoe with coordinating embellishments and secure the embellishments with hot glue.
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                           A Pretty Pile of Paper Chaos   http://suepup.blogspot.com/

This shoe was inspired by Thespoena Mc Laughlin.